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What is Transfer Your Shares?

Transfer Your Shares is an opportunity Broadridge is making available on behalf of our clients to make management of your position as a stockholder even easier. As a registered stockholder, you currently own shares directly. You may also own other stocks indirectly through a brokerage firm or may want to establish a brokerage account. This on-line process gives you the ability to directly access your broker’s website to inform it that you are interested in transferring certain common non-restricted shares into a brokerage account you already own, or into one you may establish.

If you do not currently have a brokerage account, you will be provided with a list of brokerage firms that may provide you with the services and capabilities that best suit your needs.

How it Works?

  • Follow the online process
  • Select your broker’s name where you have an established brokerage account
  • Follow your broker’s online transfer process
  • If you do not have an established brokerage account, you will be given an option to establish such an account